Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

Fdxperience 2.0.0

Whats New
New Cm 7.1 Hero nightly
add youtube
add Miui Music player
re-themed Ring Lockscreen
re-themed Lense lockscreen

Download here
fde (odex)2.0.0 xrec.zip

- Radio (when i install it make bootloop, anyone willing to help?)
- Infiniteview (again) so i add Original Cm contact to edit contact and viewing

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Fd xperience 1.2.0

I'm currently working to next version of cm7 so it wont be a big update
- Eclair Keyboard
(to use it just hold it choose input method, click default input)
- Redesign Dialer
- Add timescape
- Add Basic Facebook inside xperia functionality (share apps and calendar)
 Howto use it?
 Just click games & apps icon and login, you may see error prompt but its ok its mean you have logged in :)
- New Xperia Home remodded to Mdpi only
Download here

Minggu, 25 September 2011

Fd xperience v 1.1.0

Add Photowidget
Add Sms emoticon
Add Live wire (im forget to add it :) )
Add LG ime
Wider internal storage (some people happy with it)
tweak on superuser (report if u got problem)
Some speed adjustment
note: Infinite view still fc (im working on it)

Fd xperience v1.1.0

Selasa, 20 September 2011

Fd xperience 1.0.0

Fd xperience v 1.0.0
Fast Gingerbread platform
Cyanogen V2.3.5
Features :
Dual touch (Fake)

My Xda-developers Threads :D


thanks to:
Racht, Doixanh, Kuyagaol, etc
Indonesian dev
Rieken Yuki, Frogy Furnetal, Geraldi Kusuma Arnanto
Kaskus & facebook group
Wisnu Kurniawan 正直, Inooz Gemblung, Cnzcnzcnz (candra), Aditya Sheratan, and many more..